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Go Fish Oil 2000mg 230គ្រាប់

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🐟 Helps healthy skin

🐟 Helps healthy heart

🐟 Helps brain function

🐟 Helps joint health

🐟 Helps get rid of fatty liver

🐟Helps reduce blood pressure

🐟 Helps healthy hair and strong nail


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Eden Unicare
 Phnom Penh, Cambodia
 (100 review)
Good health, good mood
Fill your family with happiness

Essential oils help maintain healthy cholesterol levels, support daily health as well as support joint, brain and heart health.

What is GO FISH OIL?
GO FISH OIL is a high-energy fish oil extracted from deep-sea fish. And molecular filtration and mercury testing to ensure 100% purity and quality. GO FISH OIL is a good source of acid. Omega-3 fats that provide significant health benefits Globally. Omega-3 fatty acids are very important because The body cannot produce it, so they can only get it from Diet only
By consuming GO FISH OIL every day, you will get many health and beauty benefits.
Maintain your beauty
Good health brings happiness to family
Keep you healthy every day
The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends eating fish oil because it is a source of omega-3 fatty acids that help maintain health and fight some diseases. Everyone should have GO FISH OIL with them to stay healthy and refreshed.
Good health brings a better quality of life for you and your family
It is important to note that the types of omega-3s found in fish oil have more health benefits than the omega-3s found in some plant sources.
Ingredients in GO FISH OIL


Is an oil extracted from salmon tissue. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and have vitamins A and D. Today it is used as a health supplement for the whole world.


It acts as an antioxidant fighting against free radicals that destroy cells. It also strengthens the immune system and prevents blood clots in the arteries.

Who should use GO FISH OIL?

Keep you healthy
GO FISH OIL, a source of omega-3s, contains both docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). Omega-3 fatty acids are powerful nutrients that are important in effectively preventing and managing heart disease. Everyone, men and women, can use GO Fish Oil to stay healthy and prevent heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and good for beauty. Hair growth and eye health.
Has GO Fish Oil tested for toxins and mercury?
GO Healthy Fish Oil goes through a process called molecular steaming to ensure the purest and purest fish oil process, delivering high quality oils that are rigorously tested for heavy metals, mercury and toxins. GO FISH OIL is tested to ensure that it complies with strict international standards.

របៀបនៃការទទួលទាន GO FISH OIL

Take GO FISH OIL with food can also help reduce constipation Acid, too. Another way to reduce acid reflux is to catch Start eating FISH OIL from a low level and then increase the amount.
1 to 2 soft gel a day
Your health will improve bettet
Adults: Take 1-3 tablets a day. Eat well with food Or as directed by your healthcare professional.
You can use GO FISH OIL with confidence and confidence for daily health.


Available in 230 SoftGel Capsules

Adults: Take 1-3 SoftGel Caps daily. Best taken with food. Or as directed by your Healthcare Professional.

Always read the label. Take only as directed.

If taking prescription medication or if in doubt, consult your Healthcare Professional.

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